Cruise Ship Approved Power Strip with 3 AC Outlets | USB A & C (Non Surge)


Power strips are the number one most needed item when traveling on cruises due to the lack of receptacles in the ship cabin. This Power Strip virtually triples the amount of usable outlets ensuring the most practicality on your next cruise vacation.


IMPORTANT: This is one of the very few Cruise Ship approved Power Strips that are allowed for use on board. Don't be fooled by others, this is a very high quality, well built power strip.




Shop with confidence as we are the only company that offers a Non Confiscation Guarantee on all of our Cruise Ship Approved Products. Should your SailPak Cruise Ship Approved Item Get Confiscated, We will ship you out a replacement product absolutely free of charge. 



Multi Function: This Desktop Power Strip is an ideal charging solution for cruises to make charging fast, easy and convenient. No adapter needed, no time wasted. 3 AC Outlets, 2 USB A and 1 USB C means you can charge or use just about anything while onboard the ship. This unique one of a kind power strip offers the best functionality available. 

Charging speed is very important, but safety always checks out at the top of our list. That’s why each interface is equipped with multiple protections. The over-voltage protection ensures that when the charger’s output voltage is higher than its maximum value, the charging comes to a halt and enters protection mode till the charging resumes at a safe level. And this system works the same for both under-voltage protection and temperature protection. Similarly, power supply will automatically be cut off when total current exceeds threshold to avoid accidental risk.
Interface: 3 AC Outlets | 2 USB A | 1 USB C
Rated Power: 125V/Max. 10A 1250W
Material: Fireproof Material
Dimension: 7.55 x 2.08 x 1.1 Inches(192x53x28mm)
Weight: 10 OZ (290g)