Most Trusted Sea-Sickness Patch for Cruisers (10 Patches)




The Most Trusted Sea-Sickness Patch

We tried them all and found most sea-sickness patches only cured some of the symptoms of sea-sickness. This motion sickness patch is the best one that we found especially for the constant swaying motion of ocean going vessels

Each Patch Lasts 18-24 hours depending on the person. Use the Chart Below to determine how many you will need.


5 Patches (1/2 box)  1 Person 3-4 Day Cruise
10 Patches (1 box)  2 People 3-4 Day Cruise  
10 Patches (1 box)  1 Person 7-8 Day Cruise
20 Patches (2 boxes)  2 People 7-8 Day Cruise
30 Patches (3 boxes)  3 People 7-8 Day Cruise
40 Patches (4 boxes)  4 People 7-8 Day Cruise



  • All Natural
  • Safe and Effective
  • Non-drowsy
  • Fast Acting
  • Water-Proof
  • Approved for use on children (3 & up)
  • Can be combined with use of alcohol 



Enriched with the following all natural roots and herbs

Tall Gastrodia Tuber


Pinellia tuber

Obtuse Leaf Cinnamon Bark

Dahurian Angelica Root


The Abstract of Safflower

Hairy Datura Flower





1. Tear the protective layer off the patch, adhere the adhesive layer above the navel or on the back of your ears.

2. Simply apply the morning of your voyage and replace patch every 18-24 hours or as necessary.