SailPak ULTIMATE with Two Blue Dri-Paks


Our SailPak ULTIMATE Builds on our original Deluxe and adds even more accessories, ensuring you have absolutely everything they need.

(2) SailPak Dri-Pak: The most popular of all our Paks, The SailPak Dri-Pak is the ultimate backpack for the active cruiser who enjoys excursions and beach days. Our Dri-Pak's are guaranteed to keep all of your items Dry, no matter the circumstance. 

(2) Shark Bands: Shark Bands are used to secure towels to pool and beach chairs so the towels stay in place. Cruise ships and beaches can be windy, so these bands ensure a worry free experience.

(4) Gorilla Hooks: These magnetic hooks attach to the ceiling of all ship staterooms and are perfect for drying clothes in the bathroom or hanging clothes in the bedroom. They provide extra storage space which is needed on most ships.

(1) SmartLight: A Rechargeable Magnetic, Motion sensing nightlight for those dark stateroom bathrooms. This will magnetically adhere to stateroom walls and ceilings.

(1) Pop Up Hamper: Dirty laundry can become a big problem on cruise ships. the bags provided ship side are normally made out of cheap plastic or paper (even worse) Our heavy duty mesh bag provides a better method for dirty clothes.

(1) Large Cotton Laundry Bag:
 Perfect for separating dirty clothes when arriving back to port.

(2) World’s Best Cruising Lanyards: Leave the wallet and keys in the safe with our Lanyards. This allows you to carry the only thing you need on your next cruise which is your all in one room card. The room card acts as your ID, credit card and room key. Plastic pockets included.

(2) The Original CruisePals: An innovative new way to carry your phone and room key all at once without using pockets.

(2) Waterproof Universal Phone Case: Our completely waterproof universal phone case lets you carry your phone with you all day at the pool or beach. Fits up to a 8" Screen size.

(4) TagSavers: Our durable PVC Luggage tags with stainless steel attachment string are a number one must have. Many people have reported losing luggage due to the cheap paper printed cruise tags that cruise lines provide.